About Us

About Us

Within the field of medicine, physicians specialize in order to best meet the medical needs of their patients. As a commercial real estate agent, I have done likewise for equally important reasons. By becoming an expert in the field of real estate specifically suited for the Health Care industry, I have helped hundreds of physicians and medical groups acquire, sell or lease space appropriate for medical practices and health related facilities.

Since beginning my career in 1989, I have built a client base that has come to value the knowledge and expertise that I have acquired through this specialization in real estate. Many Physicians, Residential real estate agents, attorneys, accountants, and other Commercial real estate agents also recognize the importance of such a specialty, with much of my business resulting in referrals from this important professional network. Some of my clients have included: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware, the duPont Hospital for Children, St Francis Hospital (Franciscan Family Care), Riverside Hospital, Christiana Care, First State Orthopaedics, The Delaware Heart Group, Gastroenterology Associates and many more. In addition, I have also assisted many physicians in finding suitable sites to develop an office building either for their business or for the purpose of investment. Whether assisting physicians just completing residency, or business managers of large practices, my real estate expertise in the Health Care field can be of tremendous value. As a member of the DMGMA (Delaware Medical Group Managers Association), I remain involved in the concerns and issues facing the medical community providing an extended benefit to all of my clients.

Should you have a building suitable for Health Care use, please call me if you plan to sell or lease. Within my database may be someone needing exactly what you have. If you are looking for space to start a practice, move a practice, or add additional locations, check with me first as I will probably be aware of a building or location perfect for your needs. My goal is to provide the highest quality of service while offering you the greatest level of expertise as it relates to your real estate needs in leasing, buying or selling property in the specific area of Health Care. I look forward to hearing from you.


Ken J. Musi

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